Review: The Jenny Jade Enigma

I was fortunate enough to begin getting to know her a few weeks ago. It was my first time at the ranch and being unfamiliar with the various choices available to me, I made two mistakes ; Not spending more time with Jenny and, since I was in the area for a few days, not spending time with her more frequently. Hopefully they’ll be mistakes I can correct in the future.
Jenny’s photos do her justice. OMG….just look at her. ¬†She’s simply lovely. Long lustrous hair, deep brown eyes, alluring smile and for those of us who are attracted to petite women…well, she’s just a dream.
The experience of being with her goes well beyond her physical attributes and skills (which are magnificent) As many here have described, special experiences are created by personal characteristics that round out the physical encounter. The quality that turns the occasion into something unforgettable is the sense that you’ve been with someone that has a depth of character and leaves you with a warm afterglow beyond the physical intimacies. Somehow, that’s built by the soft moments of conversation, the gentle caresses or the easy laugh and conversation in the parlor. These are the things that I think of when recalling time with Jenny (Well, alright…I do think of the great sex too, which had me feeling like I was 17 again.)
I think of the opportunity I had with Jenny to be like finding a great wine at a tasting….I’m left with the feeling that i just had a sample of something special and wanting more. I’ll just have to work on getting back to the ranch for “a full bottle”

–Submitted by NYskiguy