Review: Breaking Bad with Jenny Jade

Its no secret that Jenny Jade and I have partied a few times.  She is by far and away one of the most giving and fun courtesans at the Bunnyranch.  This particular party happened New Years Eve 2015-2016.

Figuring it was a great way to ring in the new year, I of course was at the ranches.  As I sat with friends and a few girls, including Jenny, things started to get wild in the parlor.  I was in a mood that evening where I wasn’t going to let the festivities end, time be damned!  And on that particular evening, it would appear, so did Jenny.  We Karaoke’d, drank and laughed until around 2:00 a.m.  The more the evening was wearing on, the less clothing I believe Jenny was wearing, and the hotter it made me.  She had made it known many times to me that she hadn’t had good sex in a while and she really wanted to party TONIGHT.

Finally it got to the point where she was making me crazy.  We were constantly flirting all night back and forth and I could tell at that moment we were both ready.  I was sitting down, she came up to me as if to give me a lap dance, at which point I bent down, threw her over my shoulder and carried her back to her room while yelling back over my shoulder – see everyone in a while!

Negotiations were VERY short.  We booked and when we got back to her room, I don’t even think the door was shut before we started tearing into each other.  Jenny is a VERY passionate lover.  When its on, its ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!  She’s tiny with a smokin’ body and knows how to use every inch of it!  I won’t go into specifics, but at various points she would grab a toy, use it, get frustrated, and throw it across the room and grab another.  About halfway through our energetic session, we both heard a loud “crack” and the bed shifted lopsided.  We honestly didn’t notice until the dreaded “time to reparty” call came over the loudspeaker.  When finally finished, and got up to look around – her room was TRASHED…toys, clothes, etc all laying around the room and when we got off the bed, we noticed WE HAD BROKE IT!  The end of the bed was now laying on the floor, the decorative metal frame at the foot of the bed had broken towards the end.  We turned to each other and gave each other a high five.  We finished composing ourselves, and I helped her tidy the room a bit and make her bed usable by removing the broken piece.  I grabbed the broken piece (about 5′ long and 6″ wide) and took it with me back towards the parlor with Jenny.  We walked into the bookers office and I leaned the piece against the counter and said:

“This bed is broken – can I have another one?”

Jenny – thank you for the most memorable New Years Eve EVER!!!!