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Review: Back in the Game with Jenny Jade

I know you’ll all think I’m crazy, but I’ve lived within 10 minutes of the Moonlight for 23 years, and I never went there until last night. It had been five long years since I enjoyed the company of a woman, and it was driving me out of my mind. The same thing happened last year, a particularly bad bout of pent up sexual frustration that almost killed me, literally. It ultimately led to near-fatal car accident. This may sound extraneous, but it was particularly important. I had been living life wastefully until then, choosing easy comfort over difficult change, but the impression of impending mortality rapidly changed all that. It took a year to rehabilitate, a year that I dug myself out of the rut I was in...

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Review: Jenny Jade Does it Again

This girl is great wonderful fantastic!!!!!There is not enough words to describe the wonderful feeling she gives..This was my third visit and I will be going back for more visits.


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Review: Breaking Bad with Jenny Jade

Its no secret that Jenny Jade and I have partied a few times.  She is by far and away one of the most giving and fun courtesans at the Bunnyranch.  This particular party happened New Years Eve 2015-2016.

Figuring it was a great way to ring in the new year, I of course was at the ranches.  As I sat with friends and a few girls, including Jenny, things started to get wild in the parlor.  I was in a mood that evening where I wasn’t going to let the festivities end, time be damned!  And on that particular evening, it would appear, so did Jenny.  We Karaoke’d, drank and laughed until around 2:00 a.m.  The more the evening was wearing on, the less clothing I believe Jenny was wearing, and the hotter it made me...

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Review: The Jenny Jade Enigma

I was fortunate enough to begin getting to know her a few weeks ago. It was my first time at the ranch and being unfamiliar with the various choices available to me, I made two mistakes ; Not spending more time with Jenny and, since I was in the area for a few days, not spending time with her more frequently. Hopefully they’ll be mistakes I can correct in the future.
Jenny’s photos do her justice. OMG….just look at her.  She’s simply lovely. Long lustrous hair, deep brown eyes, alluring smile and for those of us who are attracted to petite women…well, she’s just a dream.
The experience of being with her goes well beyond her physical attributes and skills (which are magnificent) As many here have described, special experiences are created by personal characteristics that round out the phys...

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